Me? I'm not.

This is my personal blog, where I write about things that interest me or that I'm currently working on.


I'm working as a Senior Developer for SAP SE in the S/4 HANA Source-toPay & Order-to-Cash. My main focus is the development of cloud products based on SAP Cloud Platform. I mostly do development in Java with the Spring Framework and SAPUI5 and JavaScript.

In my sparetime, I like to ride Mountain Bike and do some programming for macOS and iOS in Swift.

Powering Raspberry Pi on and off

It is possible to turn a Raspberry Pi on and off with a simple push-button switch and a small tool that is called pi-shutdown. The switch must be connected to the pins 5 (GPIO 3) und 6 (negative pole). If you push the button for about one second, the Raspberry Pi is shutting down and reboots. If you push the button for three to five seconds, the Pi is shutting down and turns itself off. If the Pi is turned off, you turn it on by pushing the switch.

The source code of pi-shutdown is available on GitHub. Instructions are available on the author's homepage.

Source: c't 25/2017, page 152