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This is my personal blog, where I write about things that interest me or that I'm currently working on.


I'm working as a Senior Developer for SAP SE in the S/4 HANA Source-toPay & Order-to-Cash. My main focus is the development of cloud products based on SAP Cloud Platform. I mostly do development in Java with the Spring Framework and SAPUI5 and JavaScript.

In my sparetime, I like to ride Mountain Bike and do some programming for macOS and iOS in Swift.

New Project: A Retro Console Emulator in a Retro Console Enclosure

On the last weekend, I've seen the documentary Atari: Game Over which "is a documentary film [...] about the North American video game crash of 1983, using the Atari video game burial excavation as a starting point".

In my opinion, the classic consoles and their games provide a more compelling gamer experience than the modern games. So I decided to roll my own Retro Console Emulator in an enclosure of a Retro Console.

These are the parts that I intend to use:

  • Enclosure of a broken Atari 2600
  • Raspberry Pi 2 (already available)
  • Fairywren Mini ITX board for Raspberry Pi (already available)
  • Pico PSU as Power Supply
  • USB Hub 4 Ports + SD Card Reader Slot for SONY PS3 SLIM

The Mini ITX board is used to have all the hardware feature that should have a desktop computer. Additionally, it provides an USB Hub, a realtime clock and a stable power supply for all components. I'm going to use a Pico PSU power supply. The USB Hub 4 Ports and SD Card Reader Slot for SONY PS3 SLIM provides four USB slots and a SD Card reader (as the name tells it 😉) The cool stuff is, that it fits into the cartridge slot of the Atari VCS 2600 enclosure. I want to used the SD Card reader for providing the Game ROMs. The USB Ports can be used to attach game controllers.

This project might also involve some OS programming and soldering, since I want to

  • use the hardware switches of the Atari VCS 2600 board
  • provide Sub-D9 ports to attach classic game controllers