Me? I'm not.

This is my personal blog, where I write about things that interest me or that I'm currently working on.


I'm working as a Senior Developer for SAP SE in the S/4 HANA Source-toPay & Order-to-Cash. My main focus is the development of cloud products based on SAP Cloud Platform. I mostly do development in Java with the Spring Framework and SAPUI5 and JavaScript.

In my sparetime, I like to ride Mountain Bike and do some programming for macOS and iOS in Swift.

Spring Boot eats the body of POST requests

I my current project, I had the task to integrate Apache Olingo into our Spring Boot based service. The goal was to levarage all feature that several Spring components provide. Unfortunaltey Spring Boot ate the request bodys of POST requests with a content type of multipart/mixed. In this article, I describe the background of the issue and how I solved it.